Lite SDK

Automated building entrance and parking spot detection so you can anticipate your driver's behaviour in the last metre.

Automatic creation

During each visit to a designated address, Naurt will automatically log any building entrances and parking spots along the way.


Create your own customisable Points Of Interest (POI) to track the important events in your deliveries.

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Instant access to POIs from around the world via Naurt's API.

Easy integration

Quick integration into your existing iOS and Android applications with minimal dependencies.


Small in size and battery efficient. The SDK is designed for enterprises application in mind.

Get started with Naurt

Generate and customise POIs using our Lite SDK. Later, retrieve them using Naurt's POI API.

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1. Sign-up

Use our dashboard to create your free Naurt key.

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2. Integrate

Integrate Naurt's Lite SDK into your application.

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3. Generate

Continue delivering as normal and Naurt will do the rest.

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4. Retrieve

Access, filter, and search your POI data via a powerful POI API.

Frequently asked questions

If we still have not answered a question you may have, get in touch with our sales team!

How accurate are parking spots and entrances?

For parking spot detection, Naurt's accuracy threshold is 3 metres.

For building entrances, the threshold is 5 metres. Building entrances tend to be less accurate than parking spots due to building blocking GPS signals.

Do I need to use Naurt's Lite SDK?

It is not essential to use a Naurt SDK to utilise the POI system. However, our Android and iOS SDKs are the only way you can automatically log building entrances and parking spot.

What data can I associate with my POIs?

All POIs, including those generated by Naurt can be tagged with a completely generic data structure using a JSON. This could be an address, a description, or anything you want to be!

How many POIs does Naurt already have?

Naurt's POI system works like a permanent geocoder. We create and store data based of your SDK usage and API requests. The more you use Naurt, the quicker you'll populate certain locations with POIs.

How do I create custom POIs?

Custom POIs can be directly created using the POI API. Our Android and iOS SDKs provide a convenient wrapper for the API too!

Does the Naurt's Lite SDK provide enhanced location tracking?

Naurt's Lite SDK does not provide any live tracking capabilities. if you wish to improve your current location solution, take a look at Naurt's Location Manager SDK.

In what ways can I search and filter POIs?

POIs can be filtered geospatially or searched for via the data it was tagged with.

What platforms is Naurt's POI system available on?

Naurt's Lite SDK (for automatic building entrance and parking spot detection) is currently available natively Android. iOS, React Native and Flutter SDKs are also in the pipeline. We'd recommend plugging in our Location Manager SDK if you wish to use the POI system on iOS.

Naurt's POI API on the other hand can be used from any platform as it's a simple web request.

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Start integrating

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Check Documentation

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