Your new location manager

Precise and consistent tracking across iOS and Android providing the high quality data needed to improve delivery efficiency.

Accurate location data

The SDK uses additional data sets to improve the accuracy of tracking and location data.

Reliable tracking

Naurt's Location Manager provides you with an accurate  location every second, whether inside or outside.

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Feature rich

Every location contains information on how the phone is moving, what environment it's in, and whether the location is genuine.

Easy integration

Naurt effortlessly replaces your old location manager and keeps dependencies to a minimum.

Battery and size

Small in size and battery efficient. The SDK is designed for enterprises application in mind.

Get started with Naurt

Improve and secure your user's location while receiving insights about environment and movement type in four easy steps.

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1. Sign-up

Use our dashboard to create your free Naurt key.

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2. Integrate

Replace your existing Location Manager with Naurt's SDK.

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3. Connect features

Customise your integration and choose which features are right for you.

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4. Track improvements

Track the improvements delivered by Naurt.

Frequently asked questions

If we still have not answered a question you may have, get in touch with our sales team!

What does Naurt output in each location?

With each Location, Naurt's Location Manager provides you with
- Position (latitude, longitude and altitude)
- Speed
- Heading
- Accuracy estimates for all measurements
- Motion type (walking/driving)
- Environment type (inside/outside)
- Mocking/Spoofing status

Does Naurt's Location Manager work with Naurt's POI system?

Yes, it does! Naurt's Location Manager has all the features of Naurt's Lite SDK (automatic building entrance and parking spot detection) in addition to it's live tracking capabilities.

Can Naurt detect faked/spoofed/mocked locations?

Naurt can both detect and prevent spoofed user locations. On Android, Naurt's Location Manager can provide you with the real location of a device, even if it's location has been spoofed.

Can Naurt provide indoor tracking?

Naurt's advanced sensor fusion system kicks in when a user transitions from outside to inside, providing smooth tracking for up to 5 minutes when inside.

If a user starts inside, Naurt has to rely on network locations, but can still provide a relatively accurate user location.

On what platforms is Naurt's Location Manager available?

Naurt has native iOS and Android SDKs. React Native and Flutter SDKs are also in the pipeline.

Can Naurt track in the background?

Naurt's Location manager is highly configurable and can indeed be used for background tracking.

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Start integrating

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Check Documentation

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