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Submeter Precision

Tracking precision up to 10 CM

Indoor & Outdoor

Beacon-free tracking, with zero impact on performance

Global Scaling

Works across borders, anywhere in the world

Simple Plug-and-Play

Easy integration with our hardware-agnostic API

High-precision tracking

We offer you the ability to have the better tracking precision in your solution. Our software can be easily tuned to your use case by changing the tracking precision and how many times it pings a location from our cloud services. Full control.


Where once thought not

Simple toolkit

Easy to integrate into your eco-system

Works everywhere in the world

Naurt's service works across borders, anywhere you need it. Allowing you to spend more time on what you do best.

Indoors & Outdoors

Zero limitation on location tracking

Beacon-free tracking

No need to install extra hardware

Simple plug-and-play API

We offer this innovation as a hardware-agnostic web API, served via REST. We collect your location data and improve it with our algorithms and provide better coordinates.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Data - What happens to it?

Naurt's API only uses the data you give it - whether that's sensor data, GPS, or other datums. Naurt's cloud service stores no data, and returns just location fixes - giving you full control over how data is used and stored.

How can I deploy Naurt?

Naurt's software as a service is available as a web API, served via REST.

How would it work with the API?

You will create an account online with Naurt; which gives you a unique API key. Using this key, you can access the Naurt cloud and ask for your location. The cloud sends back the location fix, if the API key is valid. API keys are invalid if you have not paid for your usage, or your access has expired.

How do I get Naurt?

Please fill out our contact form on this page with the details of your use case. A member of our team will get in touch with next steps.

How does Naurt work?

Naurt's technology is supported by five (5) key innovations in the tracking space - giving us the edge on the competition. One of these key innovations is sensor fusion.

How do you charge?

Naurt charges you based on the number of API calls (requests for a location fix) on their API key. You can pay as you go, buying API calls as you use them; or can buy a set amount of API calls each month at a discounted price.

What are the use cases?

The use cases span many sectors and verticals including transportation, logistics, autonomous agents, construction, smart cities, asset management and even track & trace.

What are next stpes

We will set you up with an account to gain access to trail API & API keys to run small tests to see Naurt's capabilities.

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